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[sticky post] moderator note

membership has permanently been set to moderator approved only due to influx of spam accounts.

fyi, spam

We had a spam post in the community about a local meal-in-a-box style service, complete with convenient coupon. It did not feel like a real post, and so I removed it. 


Does anyone here know what "ljrobot" is ?

Does anyone here know what the purpose of ljrobot is, or why it often includes davis_square posts in lists like this one ?


Around 10 pm last night, I locked the Ward 6 Alderman Candidate "Ask Me Anything" post, disabling further comments while still leaving visible the existing comments. ("Locking" is a fairly new LJ feature, available only to the original poster and not to community moderators.)

Since this action violates our usual community rules, I'm posting this here to explain why I did it. When I set up the "Ask Me Anything" event, I told all the candidates that it would last until 9 pm. I felt it was important to respect that agreement, and not to have any candidate feel pressure to continue the conversation indefinitely "after hours".

Also, at 8:55 pm, we got a question from the notorious troll markk02474, an Arlington resident who has several times come close to being banned from Universal Hub. Fortunately, only one candidate responded to this, and did so in a calm and succinct manner.


Roche brothers post

Anyone know what happened to this post?
"Sadly, no Roche Brothers market in Davis Square"
Did the poster delete it?

post about new falafel place?

Late last night I got a notification of a new post titled "New Falafel Joint in Somerville/Medford", but when I tried to look at it this morning it was gone. Anyone know what happened to it?
I deleted a davis_square post from drmark1961 with the Subject line of "Email not working-Optus email with BigPond internet provid" [sic]. According to comments on the post, Optus and BigPond are Australian internet providers. The user's LJ profile claims he is located in China.

Therefore, I'm deleting the post on the grounds that it has no stated or apparent relevance to the local davis_square community.

A copy of the deleted post is behind this cut.Copy of deleted postCollapse )

Also, here's a possibly relevant comment by smammy:
The IFRAME hosts a SWF on imgshine.com, but that URL redirects to an apparently random page on clothingroup.com, which looks like an iOS app link farm. Previously.

Optus and BigPond are both Australian ISPs.

This user has x-posted this question to at least one other comm and a so-called "Natasha" posted it to Yahoo! Answers as well. Both drmark1961 and Natasha are very new users. Can you delete this post?
The davis_square tag for kids already existed before I became a tagger or moderator. But it's obscurely named, enough so that rachelmello didn't find it when she needed it.

Is it OK if I change it to just "kids" ?


I have an odd question for the mods: What are similar online groups to Davis_Square but for other towns around Boston?

I know about b0st0n on LJ, of course, and /r/boston on reddit. There's the Porter Square Neighborhood association mailing list, which is largely development focused. 

And so far I've found these:

Newton Parents

Arlington List

Lexington List
JP Moms

Know of any others?